How do I purchase a ticket?

Purchasing a ticket is very easy. Please fill in necessary information and follow the steps to proceed to payment. All payment types are included. If you wish to purchase tickets at entrance you may with no extra additional cost. Click here to purchase a ticket. You can find further help on buying a ticket here.

How do I receive my ticket?

You will receive your ticket immediately via email. If you do can not locate the email please check your junk mail. If you haven’t received the email please let us know and we will issue you ticket. Please ensure you have received this email as you will need this to gain entry to Kervansaray Marmaris.

How do I present my ticket?

You may print the ticket or present us the e-ticket or just scan the QR code. Whichever is most convenient for yourself.

What are the age limits / ticket prices?

For the Turkish Night Show with All Inclusive tickets there is a charge of £16 per adult and £8 per child. A child is defined as a person whose age is between 6-12. (There is no charge for children under the age of 6.)

The Show

What does the ticket include? Does the ticket price include all the shows & attractions?

All ticket types also include admission to Kervansaray, 18% government tax (VAT) and transfer to and back from your destination. The show, which includes avariety of dance acts from Anatolia starts at 20.30 local time that last for over 3 hours with free unlimited beverages included*. The first course of starters consistof cheesy borek and the second mix of cold mezes include Potato salad, Russian Salad, Italian Salad, Cuscus, Local cheeses following a standard main course of grilled chicken breast with rice and turkish bread. Seasonal fruits are served as desert.*Unlimited free beverages limited to: Fizzy Drinks, Red & White Wine, Beer(Tuborg), Non-Alcoholic Cocktails, Bottled Waters

Do you mean I can have unlimited Jack Daniels?

Unfortunately no. Unlimited drinks are limited to local alcoholic beverages and fizzy drinks and alcohol free cocktails. Other alcoholic beverages are not included in the price.

How do I order more drinks?

In Kervansaray, you may ask a waiter to bring Wine or Water to your table, however everything else is self service. You will have to collect your own drinks.

Discounts, Pricing & Refunds

Is it cheaper to book via internet than to buy at the park ticketing office?

Kervansaray Turkish Night Marmaris adheres to a one-price policy. All prices offered on the internet, by agents or at our ticketing office, are the same.

I have been offered discounted prices by my travel agents, are they valid? I have been offered a ticket at a higher price by my travel agents, are they valid?

All our official agents are contractually requested to sell our tickets at the same prices. Vouchers bought at an unauthorized discount may be invalid and Kervansaray Turkish Night Marmaris reserves the right to reject the use of such vouchers without refund or compensation.

Is the ticket refundable? Changeable?

We regret tickets already issued are neither refundable nor changeable.

Is there any Gift Certificate/ticket I can purchase as a present for someone?

We offer Gift Certificates for special occasions. Please contact us for more information.

Can I prepay for someone’s reservation (as a surprise gift)?

Tickets may be issued in advance if the full amount is prepaid. It is also possible to confirm a reservation without coming to the park for ticket collection by prepaying the total amount. Reservations paid in full in advance will not be subject to cancellation.

Can I enter the Kervansaray before making decision to buy the tickets for the show or buffet?

Park admission fee is included in all ticket types and only ticket holders are able to enter the park. We regret we do not offer “Park Only” tickets.

I have visited Kervansaray Turkish Night marmaris before. Can I just enter the park without seeing the show or dining at the buffet? Can I enter the park for shopping only?

Inside the park is a souvenir and novelty shop that are exclusively provided for the enjoyment of all our guests (ticket holders) only. We regret that only ticket holders may enter the park.

What time should I arrive at the Park?

To see the show from start to finish, the recommended arrival time would be 20.30pm local time. The show will start around 20.45pm. For transfers and reservations please contact us beforehand.

I want to book a transfer. How can I do this?

All ticket prices include transfer. To book your transfer please contact us directly and as soon as possible to arrange further instructions. Typically we would collect you from your destination around 19.45pm(local time) and then transfer you back when the show is over.